Saturday, March 29, 2008

Picture of the Year Oops! I Mean Day 3/29/08

Johnny Depp

Okay, I'm not the type of person to go around drooling over guys. I don't go writing to movie stars or joining fan clubs, personally, I think all that is kind of silly. I DO think that Johnny Depp is an extremely talented and versatile actor and I have liked him since he was on "21 Jump Street". I haven't watched every movie he has been in, actually, I've probably only seen a little more than a handful of his movies. I will have to admit that I think Johnny Depp is very sexy!! I love his eyes and smile! He has a certain charm about him and I wonder what is going on in his head. Anyway, this is one of my little "secrets" that I thought I would share because most people that know me probably don't think of me as thinking somebody is sexy like that??? All I have to say though is, "TOM CRUISE EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!" Johnny Depp is so much sexier than you!! I'm not sure what your appeal is to women??