Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 4

Well it's day 4 and although I'm really late in posting I didn't forget.

I had to get my son off the computer
and then wait for the stupid thing to decide it wanted to work.

So anyways,

here's today's picture & a paragraph.

  Here I am drinking my coffee.

I love coffee
and I love sitting in my glider rocker
with my feet up on the gliding ottoman
while I drink it.

The kids and Earl were all off today because of Veteran's Day
so we spent the morning together
went to Target and got Jace some badly needed socks
and then to Wal-Mart and got Ezie a pair of jeans (he only had 1 pair)
Mallory some boots and Christmas socks,
Jace a Halloween clearance sword & shield for $1.00
and some crochet thread and fabric for me to make Christmas Gifts.
Then to Aldi's
and finally got some food in the house.

I came home ate and took a short nap and then
me, my coffee and rocker and my daily picture.

A day with my family,
food in the house,
and a car that ran!

Yay for a great day!

Thanks to all the Men & Women that have sacrificed their own lives
so that we could have such a great day!

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